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All Access Remote Coaching

Flight is bringing remote coaching to you! We have designed a service that allows us to provide coaching from afar without losing all of the benefits of having a coach in person. Sign up here to start today.

Who this is for:

  • Motivated and dedicated individuals who are unable to train at the Flight Performance and Fitness Facility but still want to utilize our coaching and programming
  • Anybody looking to increase their general strength and fitness.
  • Anybody looking to improve their body composition.
  • Somebody looking for guidance and accountability.

What to expect:

  • A 45 minute consultation call to discuss goals, training history, remote coaching process, limitations, etc.
  • Individualized training program based on personal goals, access to equipment, etc.
    • Weekly updates to training program baced on Check-In
      • Fatigue/Well-being survey included with Check-In
  • Weekly video feedback from coach
    • Technique feedback if necessary
    • Training execution tips and cues
    • What to expect for training during upcoming week
    • Outline of training plan for upcoming weeks
  • Nutrition Guidance
    • Coach and athlete work together to change habits around nutrition
  • All-Access to ask Coach questions with the expectation of an answer within 24 hours


$200 per month
Sign up here for your consultation. You'll be asked some follow up questions about your goals and current fitness experience.

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