Flight Performance and Fitness

All Access Remote Coaching

Who this is for

  • Motivated and dedicated individuals who can't make it to Flight Performance and Fitness but still want to utilize our coaching and programming.
  • Anyone with interest in powerlifting and/or looking to prepare for their first meet.
  • An experienced powerlifter looking to increase their total.
  • Any individual who doesn't plan on competing but is looking to improve their performance on the big barbell lifts

What you get

  • Initial 45 minute video call to discuss previous training experience, goals, and coaching expectations.
  • Training adjusted each week based on feedback from fatigue/well-being questionnaire
  • Weekly video feedback on training execution, technique correction, and explanation of training plan
  • 24/7 Access to coach for guidance or to answer questions. Expectation is an answer within 24 hours

Interested? Sign up Today

3 Month Commitment: $200 per month
Sign up here for your consultation. You'll be asked some follow up questions about your goals and current fitness experience.

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